Saturday, September 19, 2009

Using Google Analytics To Identify High-Performing Keywords

The topic of using Google Analytics to optimize your PPC keyword buys never gets old. We have posted about it here a bunch. It's putting your PPC money where your analytics mouth is, uh, for lack of a better metaphor and is one of the core reasons to use web analytics. Recently, a Google blog called Solutions for Southeast Asia wrote a post about this topic, covering the techniques to use Google Analytics and AdWords to find and add the most effective unused keywords. It's a great post - definitive and very thorough, going from soup to nuts, expanding on these steps:

Step 1: Ensure Goals and E-commerce Tracking are set up
Step 2: Access the Keywords Report
Step 3: Export non-paid keywords to a spreadsheet
Step 4: Expand the list of keywords using other Google products
Step 5: Download a list of keywords that you are already advertising on
Step 6: Identify keywords you are not advertising on
Step 7: Expand on these keywords and start advertising

For explicit directions on each of these steps, take a read of the article. You and your website will benefit. Of special note - step 4, which we've pasted in below. As you can see, Vinoaj, the author, gives you an extensive list of Google products that can help you refine or expand your keyword list. Some of them you've probably never even heard about, but will simply take your targeting to the new levels, especially when budgets are tight but you want to grow your business as Q4 approaches.

To consider more keyword options, consider using some of Google's other free products to discover more opportunities: Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, Site Search reportsin Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and even the new Wonder Wheel. If you are an AdWords user take a look at the Keyword Tool, Search-based Keyword Tool, Search Query Performance reports, and more. Once you have identified additional keywords you would like to advertise on, add it to your list of keywords from Step 3.

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